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We will leave in the morning from your hotel to Ouzoud Riat or (about 167 km, 2 hours 30 min. Of travel). Arrival at noon to the waterfalls of Ouzoud, some of the most beautiful and amazing in Morocco, as the water falls from a height of 110 meters in the river. Ouzoud in Berber means “olive” and the name of the cataracts that refers to the cultivation of olives in this area. During the walk up to the river, there are numerous small shops to buy souvenirs and at the end, there are several boats that transport to the other side (there is also a small bridge to cross on foot). This place is very quiet and relaxing destination (in summer) for many Moroccans looking for a bit of fresh. After about 2 km from the waterfalls, the Berber Tanaghmelt village is easily accessible by foot. We do not have the opportunity to eat in a typical restaurant on the road and picturesque waterfalls. Return in the evening to Marrakech.
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