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We can also organize a tour combining any tour that Have seen on our website a few days on the beaches of southern Morocco: Agadir, Sidi Ifni, Tarfaya. Or just ride the South Atlantic coast of Morocco.


We can organize their honeymoon, in accommodations “de luxe”, Spa & wellness, beaches, romantic nights in the desert and privacy and Privacy that offer a private tour for both. Even if they want a Traditional Berber wedding will also be at your disposal.


Btt: we can organize the routes that you like, mount group and We will organize for you ,We propose a mini Titan desert or what lane did in the Clear program doing every day a few km Crossing the dunes of Erg Chebbi, and camping each night in different Emplacements in the middle of the desert ,It will be an experience without competition, and being accompanied by a guide, To guide you in the dunes. The 4×4 will be available to take Your luggage from camp to camp, so that you do not You will have to worry about nothing, just to enjoy the bike and the Desert, its landscapes, its silence, its changing forms and the challenge that It supposes. In addition, this experience will also make life known to you ,Of the nomads who live in tents in the desert and discover, Practicing the sport that you like, the most authentic Morocco , Morocco offers other types of terrain besides the desert, ForThose who like the unevenness, we can also plan routes In btt by the Atlas, pass by the highest point of Morocco, the Toubkal, Or by the Rif, in the North.

Routes for Motorcycles

Trekkings: we can make tours of several kilometers a day for different ,Depending on the type of terrain they like to tread ,We can mount a “Way,” in groups, by the Atlas, sleeping in Nomadic peoples, in kasbahs … always accompanied by guides Experts ,We can also walk in the dunes, camping every night under the Heaven with more stars than you could ever imagine, and with the relaxation that Offers the silence of the desert, They are plans that we will organize so that you have the most Authentic that you can enjoy on the spot, living a few days with The real and daily life of the Berbers who live in the most Remotes of the Moroccan geography.


Yoga: Traveling to other places is already a form of personal growth, Any departure from the comfort zone means improving in the spiritual, The Yoga Is one of these activities that also promote this well-being, both As far as peace of mind and physical form are concerned So… Why not combine both activities? Morocco is a country with stunning beaches, desert, roofs In the medinas of cities, oases, palm groves, rivers … perfect places For the practice of yoga, Whether you come with the group already formed, and therefore private; Or by Our proposal because we will set up groups several times a year, We propose this wonderful experience in Morocco. If the Sensations anywhere with this practice never disappoints, here In our country, you will love it, Meditation and yoga will be accompanied by many other activities That we will propose, or that you can request, as for example, Walk in the Valley of the Roses, visit the village of the Sub-Saharan Africa who play Gnawa music, African rhythms, Tea, other Berber rhythms, aromas, flavors, emotions, Contact with people … A trip to connect!

Photographic trips

From the country of contrasts, colors, light, sun, Stars, Berbers, dunes, turquoise, charming villages …. You can get lots of photos , For lovers of photography, both amateurs and those who love them Would like to know more about your photos, we Travel learning the main techniques to take good pictures, In one of the countries with the most photogenic landscapes We can find Our photography teacher and our guides will accompany you in this Experience that will not leave them indifferent, and return to their routines with Many anecdotes to tell, many things to recommend, will return With renewed energies and, of course, with many photos in its Camera, although those stunning and wonderful images are Will remain engraved in their retinas for a long time.

Excursions in quads, buggies

can be the alternatives to the ride in Camel, or one more activity to include in our vacation, Dunes Are a place that offers a challenge to those who want to drive one of These vehicles. The guides will always take you by routes depending on the Level of drivers, from beginners to experts in the Driving the quad.


Another activity that will not leave you indifferent is the descent by the dunes with boards as if by the snow it was. It is an activity for the intrepid and those who want to enjoy a fun way of the dunes of the Sahara.


It is another activity for those seeking adrenaline and sports in nature. Morocco offers many types of landscape, including those for which you can practice this type of sports, always with professional instructors who will guide and accompany you, making the activity always work safely.



You will also be able to choose what kind of camp you are going to want. In the desert there are two types of haimas. DELUXE: haimas with all the comfort for our travelers, with big and very comfortable beds, there is a bathroom with shower with hot water in each tent, so that our guests are going to stay in the middle of the dunes with all the comforts of a hotel of high level.
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