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Morocco is the door of Africa, is a fascinating world in a small country. It has been heralded as a country of contrasts, the smells, colors and flavors. But it is much more: its customs, its people, its light and, above all, the experiences offered. We invite you to share them.

Share is to live

Enjoy desert of Morocco

Otherwise we have to travel and stay in touch with the people of the places we visited is through solidarity trips.

In Hassi Labiad, there are associations with which we work so that their experiences of collaboration will serve to help the local community, with few resources, and innumerable needs. All help is low for the harsh conditions of life of the people of the desert which is no longer live the nomadic lifestyle and must now adapt to a different means of subsistence but that in a desert environment it is difficult to find opportunities and be an entrepreneur.
In these experiences, we offer travelers to share these experiences with the local community. You will see the grateful being Countrymen and the great experience that will be with you.
Whether in schools, with women, helping the conservation of the natural environment… They will live a few magnificent days, with more travelers who share your concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a group. Remember, that share is live!

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